Thursday, 1 October 2015

The White Dress


They say White represents purity. Some people believe it has an effect on the mood of whom wears it. Not sure that is true but one thing I know is white dresses have a brightening effect on anyone who wears it. Makes one look really clean. 

This fashion season has the color white as a trend. The white dress is an extremely versatile outfit. Regardless of size and whether you want it in lace, maxi, midi, long sleeve, off shoulder, bodycon or chiffon, white certainly makes you stand out among a crowd. It is an awesome outfit for special occasions.  

Before getting a white dress, you have to take note of the length, the fabric and the shade of white. If you want to opt for white cotton, you have made an awesome choice as it allows for air to pass through so you don’t feel suffocated. White cotton is also easy to wash off should in case it gets stained.  

If you love to go through the body hugging route, Elastic white fabrics such as the Lycra is perfect. A white Lace dress brings out the feminine side of you and adds a classy, extravagant touch to it. You might decide to combine the white lace with another fabric.   

Satin white dresses can look quite formal so you might want to reserve that for prom parties and wedding attires.

There are various shades of white with each appropriate for different events. There could be several reasons for wearing each of them. There is the bright white, champagne and ivory.  
Why am I discussing on the white dress? Of course as I mentioned earlier, it is the present fashion trend and we all love what is trendy.  So ladies, it is time feel fresh and fab. Let us feed our eyes on some beautiful white dresses and see if we could have some for that special occasion knocking at the door.   B00XTVZJBC&linkCode=xm2&tag=wwwhomeofkhal-20 

Short Lace Prom Mini Dress