Wednesday, 19 August 2015

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Hy Everyone! This is where beauty tips, both urban and vintage fashion, gossip and everything else rock here. It is gonna be a fun time here and I am sure glad to be back! Some of you are already aware of my old blog; Yeah my account linked to it is gone so this is sort of a sister blog to it in case you were wondering where i disappeared to. I hope you enjoy your time here and feel free to drop by o.k.

I have started a journey, something some of my fashionistas are already aware of and starting up for themselves. We are back to the Kinky hair culture, the trend of natural hair. It has been trending for a long while now and i felt i needed to join to stretch the limits of my hair, over pamper it and stay completely away from chemicals. A lot of ladies with kinky hair do not that courage to do this perhaps they are too used to wearing something artificial other than their own hair. I would be posting how my journey has been of which started February this year. Its gonna be a long road but we will get there, won't we girls?
Do not worry. I will be back with tips on how best the African hair should be well cared for.You got tips too? Feel free to drop your comments. Ciao!

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