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3 Reasons you need to care for your natural curly hair.

natural curly hair|reasons to care for

Natural kinky hair
I remember way back in the 60s, 70s and 80s when our parents kept the Afro look and played with their hair a lot with a wide range of hairstyles to suit their fashion trends.
If you were born around those times you would notice our grandmothers and mothers had such full hair. Now, we are too used to anything synthetic that we shy away from flaunting our very own virgin hair like it used to be. I know I know. I get it. "Our hair as Africans are too coarse in texture to manage' so we say. "Our hair needs to be straightened before styling", "Our hair is too dull". All manner of excuses. While some of these 'excuses' could be true, they could be borne out of total ignorance of how best the African hair could be managed and styled. And this is why I am here to tell ladies 3 valid reasons why we all need to embrace our kinky hair. Vintage look is the new fashion. Lots of vintage styles of clothing are inspirations for fashion looks of the 21st century. Little wonder Natural curly hair has decided to take its original place. So ladies what are you waiting for? Join the train and get back on track!! Here are the 3 reasons why natural curly hair rocks!

    Lady with a kinky hair
  • Your hair needs a breather from chemicals such as relaxers and hair dyes. Relaxers  and chemical dyes strip off the hair shaft's natural oil and exposes it to frizzyness and breakage.The drier the hair, the more it breaks and falls off. The more it is prone to split ends even. To reduce numerous occurrences of this, we ladies need to reduce the usage of chemicals to the barest minimum. Our hair requires moisture more than the hair types of ladies from other countries due to its nature. It is less likely to retain moisture for long and this is why it is important to stay off chemicals at least reduce their usage. It is important that we understand the nature of our hair. 
  • Your hair needs a break from stress. Yes, when our hair is too stressed as a result of too much styles from extensions, we would  not see much difference in its growth. Ladies who need to grow some hair would need to allow it grow as 'virgin' hair. It is at this 'virgin' stage it grows best. For ladies who have lost significant amount of hair, they would need to give long time intervals in relaxing the hair. Some conscious ladies stay as long as 6 months or more before deciding to relax or straighten the hair. 
  • There is nothing like appreciating your natural beauty. It boosts your self esteem when you are truly confident of your natural looks especially when you have figured out  hairstyles to try out with your kinky hair. I know you are wondering, 'what sort of hairstyles can i do with my curly hair?' Trust me, there are loads of long and short hairstyles out there to choose from and i would update you all in my subsequent posts. Keep visiting for more tips.

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