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How to Get a Glowing Skin Naturally

How to get glowing skin|naturally

glowing skin naturally

      Most women want glowing skin. We women were created to be conscious of our outward appearance. A beautiful glowing skin plays a major role in our looks and contributes immensely to Beauty. You could just tell how important the state of our skin is when we get compliments or comments about our skin. We blush when we are told we look really good and glow so well. No doubt, it boosts the self esteem. Thousands of skin and beauty care products promise to give you a glowing skin. This is why you see lots of women spend tons and tons of money on pricey skin products with the belief that the pricier a product is, the more effective it should be.

Your skin care and lifestyle habits are the predeterminants of your skin’s health. Sometimes we forget that a glowing skin comes from a healthy diet. What you take into your body plays a huge role on how your skin would fare overtime. The same way we need to feed our tummies is the exact way we need to feed our skin. Apart from applying lotions and body creams externally, your skin needs to be nourished from the inside too.

      While external applications give some form of results, they end up being just temporary not to talk of the dangers they pose when used over a long period of time. We do more harm than good when we experiment way too much with lotions or creams containing harsh chemicals such as Hydroquinone and Mercury. Many women have developed one allergy or the other as a result of Long term use. Such effects encourage premature wrinkles and aging.

     Today, we are going to look at Natural ways of getting that glowing skin you have always fantasized about. I am emphasizing on the word ‘NATURAL’ to help you understand why you can achieve so much more with the use of natural products. Some of the ways include the use of homemade remedies so they are readily available to try out and you do not need to visit a spa. How awesome is that? In fact you have no excuse as to why you can’t try these out. They are very simple to do and of course natural too. Here they are;

1)    Detoxification

Detoxification is the removal of toxic and unwanted substances from the blood. A lot of people do this when they have certain illnesses, when they want to lose weight and improve their digestive systems and when they want a glowing skin. When you notice a dull skin you would know it is time to detox. It is a very important step in achieving a glowing and youthful skin. Have it in mind that the body reacts to detoxification by expelling wastes. So don’t be afraid when you find yourself visiting the toilet quite often.

  • There are many branded products that do this but natural sources such as Juice from a mixture of fruits such as pineapple, apples, oranges, mangoes and many others, Fiber, Hibiscus flower juice otherwise known as Zobo in Northern Nigeria, Lemon juice, Bitter leaf juice, Green tea, Moringa seeds and oils, e.t.c do these perfectly. Regular intake of fruits results to a glowing skin overtime as it nourishes it. I remember when I tried this out, I glowed so well. I was taking more of oranges, mangoes, pineapple, water melon, moringa seeds and green tea on different occasions. I found moringa seeds to be awesome. In fact I recommend it. 
          Detoxification should not be done too often except you fall into the group of people who have some weight to shed. Detoxification has an almost immediate effect on the skin so try it out. Some professionals advise it should be done once a year but that largely depends on the contents of the Detox and why you taking it. For skin glow, once in 3 months is not a bad idea but that depends on you.

2)    Steaming

Steaming is done when water is boiled and vapor is released. Your skin pores could be blocked as result of buildup of sebum coupled with sweat and other external forces. So steam is required to open the pores up. It is important that you need to open up the pores of your skin so that natural products to be applied on it would work perfectly well and fast! Some ladies feel you must visit a spa to achieve this. No. All you need is a bath tub with running hot water to steam the whole bathroom or you could just bathe with warm water.

3)    Exfoliation

Exfoliation is the removal of dead skin cells. The dead cells must have been exposed to too much sunlight leading to sunburns and other agents that speed up aging. Therefore, the skin is exfoliated to remove the dead skin cells thereby releasing another layer of a young and more glowing skin.

  • ·  Many scrubs exfoliate the skin some of which could be pricey. So sugar and Salt can be used as scrubs to exfoliate. I use Sugar and it works perfectly well for me. I mix the sugar with certain fruit juices so that I can get that ‘professional scrub’ feel on my skin. I am a big fan of using orange juice because oranges contain vitamin c which is an anti-oxidant and also anti aging. I also try sugar with mangoes. Mangoes contain vitamin A which is just perfect for achieving a glowing skin. In my subsequent posts, I would treat how fruits and vitamins work on the skin. Make sure to exfoliate your skin after steaming so the fruits could sink right into it.

  •   Baking soda is also good for exfoliating. It creates a balance in pH levels of the skin, which is very important for a glowing skin. You could mix baking soda with lemon or honey. Apply on the skin and exfoliate then rinse off with warm water. Exfoliate your skin twice in a week and you can be assured of an even, glowing skin tone.

Fresh Cucumbers
  • Cucumbers are great because they work well in healing a damaged skin and remove dead skin cells. Cucumber also firms and soothes the skin. It is also used to reduce eye bags under the eyes. You can never go wrong with this. Make a mixture of cucumber juice and lemon juice of equal parts. Apply this mixture all over your skin; allow it to dry, and wash off with warm water. You can do this every day. Trust me, it is a very nice way to soothe the skin after much exposure to the harmful rays of the sun.


4)      Moisturizing

For a glowing skin, it is essential that it is well moisturized. You could moisturize by applying essential oils such as Coconut oil, castor oil, almond oil, soya oil, olive oil and many others. You could also try mixing these oils with your scrub while exfoliating for better results. And also mix them up with your lotion or face creams. Right about now, I use soya oil with my body lotion. I ran out of coconut oil so I decided to experiment with soya oil this time and it has proven to be equally as effective as coconut oil. I noticed a change though. There was this scar I had on right hand very almost close to my wrist. I just applied this soya oil not quite long and the scar is beginning to fade gradually. I will treat the importance of essential oils on the skin in my subsequent post.
  •  Aloe Vera is also a great moisturizer as well. It helps to kills bacteria that act on the skin to cause acne. It also smoothens the skin and heals scars. You must extract the gel, apply on the skin with a cotton wool then leave it to dry for about an hour. Afterwards you rinse off.  It has this stinging feel on my skin though due to its astringent properties but it is perfect if you want that glowing skin overtime. You could try it daily or a few times in a week.

5)  Drink lots of water

       Yes, water cleanses the body system and flushes out unwanted substances. You can be assured that this cleaning extends to the skin. When your skin is dehydrated it becomes really dull. Happened to me once until I corrected it. Do well to drink water before taking anything at all in the morning and afterwards. It is a sure way to get a glowing skin. 

6)  Have enough Rest

 A very important step. Like I previously said, our lifestyle affects the state of our skin. Make sure to get at least 8 hours of sleep every night. Once you are exhausted, have a warm bath and get some rest. Heard of the beauty sleep? Yeah that is what I am talking about.

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