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7 ways|to get rid of|Acne

 Getting rid of Acne by a woman

      Acne is just one thing most people dread. Our faces are like mirrors to our very souls. The face is the very first obvious feature we all notice before any other.
When you have got occasions to attend where you might likely be the spotlight and you just notice this one swelling so visible somewhere around your face. Urrrrgggghhhh. It spoils your whole day. I know that feeling. I hate it myself. Happened to me so many times. Once I noticed this swelling at the corner of my nose. It is just frustrating and you would wish the whole earth could just swallow you up. The fact that Acne stations itself around the face the most is so annoying. But why would what we dread so much seem inevitable? These days stress you experience, your eating habits, and environmental factors play a role on how often acne occurs.

Acne could either be slight or severe. When untreated, it could last for about 4 to 5 years before settling. Acne occurs when extra sebum is produced beneath your skin surface. Small sebaceous glands produce the sebum or oil which passes through the pores and skin. It is this extra sebum that makes your skin feel greasy. The greasier your face feels, the higher the possibility of serious pimples. The degree of greasiness varies from person to person though. There are certain people blessed with awesome, smooth skin. You sometimes wonder if their skin produces sebum at all. Now if the greasiness is not controlled, the skin pores will get blocked. Dead skin cells plus sweat plus excess sebum results to blackheads and whiteheads underneath the skin pores. Sebum gathers under the blocked pores which results to the accumulation of acne on the skin. So why do you break out often and how can you reduce them?

1.      Now it is very important that you read the labels of skin products before purchase. The ingredients in a cream or lotion give you idea on what to expect on your skin. It is noteworthy that we all have different skin types. Your skin can be either normal, oily, dry, oil or both oily and dry together (combination skin type). This is one aspect we fail to consider when going for products so we just dab anything on the skin hoping that it works. Do well to visit a dermatologist to be educated on what skin type you have and on the type of skin products that are good for you. You must know specific ingredients that negatively affect your skin and avoid them completely.
       Moreover, it is best that at times you take certain recommendations on skin products from friends with a pinch of salt, bearing in mind that what works for one person might not necessarily work for you. If at all you want to take risks then be prepared to listen to your skin once it starts to cry for help. If you have a sensitive skin, then you should go for products specifically for sensitive skin. I will treat products for sensitive skin in subsequent posts. Be very wary of products that promise heaven and earth yet have very bad reviews. Being pricey does not equate to effectiveness neither does being cheap. For those who have combination skin, get Zenmed Acne Therapy here.

2.      The good ‘ol washing of the face with a mild soap will always be one of the ever green solutions. It is a very important routine you must get used to. Some ladies go to bed with make up on with all the caked up layers of powder, concealer and foundation on. Feels very uncomfortable, doesn’t it?  That is just one sure way to block the skin pores more and more. If you do not get rid of these then be sure to have acne accumulate all over your skin. Incorporate the use of facial wipes to clean off make up. Get Lumene Sensitive Touch Gentle Cleansing Wipes. Awesome wipes for sensitive skin without alcohol and fragrance.

3.       Too much of something is never good for you. I know you are so eager for those pimples to just disappear so that you could have that smooth skin fast. The more you apply astringents, the faster it works, right? WRONG. Most astringents contain alcohol and have drying properties. When you abuse their application, you force more and more production of sebum which will in turn accumulate right under your skin. And you do not want that. So you have to avoid abusing these products else you will be back to square one. In short, avoid astringents containing alcohol.

4.       Apart from the fact that smoking is cancerous and brings about wrinkles, it dries up your skin further thereby triggering it to supply extra oil and likely more break outs or acne. Do you really want all that happening to your skin? Just stop smoking. Simple.

5.      You feel when you scrub hard, acne disappears. To top it all, you use a scrub with larger granule. Wrong once again. Your skin is not a hard surface upon which you scrub with all the strength you have got. This step does not only scrub off the pimples away but also exposes wounds for bacteria in the atmosphere to infect. Please avoid scrubbing too hard. Scrub your face mildly in circular motions or simply wash your face and use a mild cleanser afterwards. Click here to get one of the best products I have used, Majestic Pure Dead Sea Mud Mask.  It deep cleanses the skin pores, Detoxifies and Revitalizes. Works really well on Oily and sensitive skin. Really nice facial mask for shrinking pores, tightening and toning skin and removing impurities.

6.      The lesser oils you have in your diet, the less break outs you would have and vice versa. Reduce your intake of fried foods.

7.      You take laws into your hands by bursting the pimples out yourself with your own hands. Now this is a big No No. Piercing those bumps out will create wounds as I mentioned earlier, exposing them further to infection by bacteria, thereby repeating the cycle.  Furthermore, you also risk infecting them with your hands. Bacteria can be found everywhere and God knows what you have touched prior to bursting them. To make things worse, you are creating a scar defeating the very purpose of your bursting them up. You do not want scars all over your face. So avoid this habit completely.

    There are exceptional cases where the acne is really severe having tried the above tips. A visit to the physician would be best especially when there are deep acne scars to battle with.
             So there you go. I hope these tips help. Have you got other helpful tips or products not included in this list? Feel free to add yours.

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